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    Android Aviation Apps

    ADSB Receiver (Avare ADSB)

    The leading ADSB Receiver for Android!!

    This app enables your device to receive live ADSB data (978 MHz UAT and 1090 MHz ES). All you need is a supported USB dongle and an OTG cable, both available from various sources on the internet for less than $20.-.

    Available in the Play Store as a free version (which requires the app to be restarted once a certain amount of frames have been received) and as an unlimited "Pro" version. No subscription required!

    USB OTG Adapter and Dongle
    Avare ADSB Map

    Robinson Helicopter Weight and Balance Calculator (R22/R44)

    It is vital to comply with weight and balance limits established for helicopters. Operating above the maximum weight limitation compromises the structural integrity of the helicopter and adversely affects performance. Balance, both laterally and longitudinally, is also critical because on some fully loaded helicopters, center of gravity deviations as small as three inches can dramatically change a helicopter's handling characteristics. Taking off in a helicopter that is not within the weight and balance limitations is extremely unsafe.

    Use this app as an easy tool to verify your own calculations. You can quickly add and remove optional items such as Doors or Dual-Controls. It is also a handy tool to explain the calculations to students.

    Currently supported:

    • R22 Beta II, with Aux Tank installed
    • R44 Raven
    Please visit the Google Play Store to download this app.
    R44 Example Calculation

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    New product versions are released to a selected group of Beta Testers, before they are made available to the general public. This helps to identify issues in "real" environments, after the product has passed simulated/lab testing. Testers have a chance to experience new features early.

    Apply to the HIZ Beta Testers Google Group to join the team!